Are you planning to reserve a hotel room for your next business trip or summer vacation? A web-based hotel finder can be a great option. That’s because it can do a search based on various criteria to report which hotel chains have locations at your destination. Here are some of the most important parameters when using the on-site search engine to find an accommodation:

1. Destination
This is one of the most important items you’ll have to input when searching for hotels in a particular area. Which city or town in the world are you traveling to? As an alternative, you can sometimes input a property name or address. However, if you want more general results when you should just input the destination. It’s also helpful to be as specific as possible by including the specific street, district, etc. within the city you want to stay at. This will provide more specific search results.

2. Check-in/out Dates
Here’s another important entry you’ll need to make when doing an online hotel search. Why is it important? The most obvious factor is the number of days you’ll be staying at the accommodation. This is important because the rates will be much higher if you’re planning to stay in the hotel for 2+ days and they’ll be exponentially higher based on the quality of the hotel.

However, that’s just the start. Another key factor is the days/dates your stay will fall on. For example, hotel rates for the weekend tend to be higher than weekdays based on the laws of supply & demand. There’s also the matter of whether you’ll be visiting the area during the peak season or offseason. The hotel rates will be much higher during certain peak seasons like summer, holidays, events, etc. So you shouldn’t be surprised if the hotel finder reports much higher rates even for a one-day stay.

3. Work
If you’re traveling on business, then you might want to look for certain business packages that include things like parking, Wi-Fi, and breakfast. It’s important for trips to be as comfy as possible whether it’s for business or pleasure. However, in the case you’re traveling on a business trip, it’s very helpful to have certain amenities like Wi-Fi and breakfast to make your stay more efficient.

4. Rooms
How many rooms do you need during the trip? If you’re traveling with your family, you might want to rent 2+ rooms based on the size of your family. It’s important for vacations to be as enjoyable as possible that that’s more likely if your family members have enough space to feel comfortable while on vacation. Meanwhile, if they feel cramped the opposite will be true, and it can cause a lot of problems that make your vacation less comfortable and enjoyable.

5. Adults/Children
If you’re traveling with your family, you can usually get a discount for kids under a certain age. This can help to save a lot of money and make your vacation more affordable. It’s important to check on a particular hotel’s policies since the age limit for child discounts differs for various hotel chains.

These are some of the various fields you’ll have to complete when using an online hotel finder. These resources are a great tool for finding the hotel you want at a price you can afford. The convenience of a search engine makes the process much faster since you won’t have to do a lot of web browsing to find the right hotel accommodations. You can use the time to spend to make other preparations before your business or vacation trip.